ACE-IT in College Process

Steps of the Application Process: 1. Apply 2. Interview 3. Participate in Pre-Semester Activities 4. Take Classes 5. Explore Employment

Step 1 – Apply

Interested students complete the ACE-IT in College application and submit it by email or mail to ACE-IT in College staff for review. The complete application packet consists of several items including:

  1. ACE-IT in College Application
  2. Three Reference Forms
  3. Most Recent Transition Individualized Education Program (IEP), Individualized Service Plan (ISP), Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE), OR any combination thereof
  4. High School Transcript
  5. Attendance Record and Disciplinary Record (if a current high school student)
  6. Results from Career Assessments and/or Transition Assessments (if available)

Step 2 – Interview

Applicants who initially qualify for the program are selected for an interview. A selection committee will review the applications, interview applicants, and determine acceptance. The committee members may also contact applicants, families, case managers, employers, or references to gather additional information as needed. All students are then notified of acceptance or non-acceptance. Typically, up to five students are accepted per year.

Step 3 – Participate in Pre-semester Activities

Students who are accepted into the ACE-IT in College program must do several things before they start taking classes at VCU. Accepted students must:

  • Participate in a person-centered planning meeting
  • Complete the VCU application and send to ACE-IT in College staff
  • Complete Disability Support Services (DSS) intake forms, visit the office, and register for accommodations
  • Meet with an academic advisor
  • Attend VCU orientation and register for classes
  • Visit Disability Support Services & register for accommodations
  • Select activities to attend during Welcome Week and meet education coach and other supports
  • Pay VCU tuition and other university fees

Step 4 – Take Classes

Students attend VCU classes, meet with education coaches, and engage in campus activities with peer supports throughout the semester.

Students also meet with a support team on an ongoing, regular basis depending on their year in the program. Members of this team may include family members as well as representatives from VCU, adult agencies, and school divisions.


Step 5 – Explore Employment

The main goal of ACE-IT in College is competitive employment in the student’s interest area based on courses and experiences at VCU. The academic program includes internships, experiences in community service, and part-time employment. During the last 3-6 months of the program, students will work with a job coach to enter competitive employment while finishing courses.