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All applicants applying to VCU ACE-IT in College must complete the ACE-IT application and include all supporting documentation. You will need to download the application and reference forms in order to complete and save your application. It is recommended that you use Adobe Reader to view, complete, and save your application. Adobe Reader is available for free.

Application Guidelines and Deadline

  • Submit completed applications to Applications that do not have all required documentation will not be reviewed. A physical address to mail the application can be provided upon request by emailing
  • All ACE-IT applications must be received by February 26, 2021. Applications will be reviewed and applicants selected for interviews will be notified via email in late winter 2021.
  • Admissions for the 2020-2021 cohort to ACE-IT in College are now closed. To learn more about the program and stay connected, sign up here.

Application Materials

The ACE-IT application is a fillable PDF form. Please download the application along with the individual recommendation forms. It is recommended that you use Adobe Reader to complete your application. Applicants are responsible for sending the reference form and asking references to send completed reference forms directly to ACE-IT staff at

Save your application on your computer and attach application and additional materials in an email before the deadline.

Electronic forms are preferred, but hand written applications will also be accepted.

If you need to mail your application or materials in, please email us ( for mailing instructions.

Application Checklist

Each completed application must have the following:

  • Current student resume
  • Most recent Transition Individualized Education Program (IEP), Individualized Service Plan (ISP), and/or Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE).
  • High school transcript
  • High school attendance record and disciplinary record
  • 2 references: To be completed and submitted by the reference.
    • Educational or professional reference
    • DARS reference (if applicant does not have a DARS counselor, include an additional educational/ professional reference)

The following are encouraged, but not required:

  • Results of career and transition assessments
  • Psychoeducational testing results or eligibility determination
  • Relevant medical documentation

If you have any questions about additional documentation needed, please reach out to us at

ACE-IT Program and Fees

Fees and tuition vary from semester to semester based upon the number of credits and type of activities students engage in throughout the semester. Refer to the chart below for a breakdown of fees and tuition. All amounts are subject to change. Program fees allow for program stability and quality supports and services.

Semester ACE-IT Program Fees VCU Tuition and Fees
Program fees cover academic and employment supports in the form of education coaches, job coaches, and program faculty support. Estimate ONLY and subject to change. Dependent on # of credit hours and based on 2020-21 VCU Tuition rates.
Summer Year 1 $6,239 $524 (1 credit)
Fall Year 1 $4,994 $3,144 (6 credits)
Spring Year 1 $4,994 $3,144 (6 credits)
Fall Year 2 $4,944 $3,144 (6 credits)
Spring Year 2 $4,944 $2,096 (4 credits)
Summer Year 3
(Non-academic Post-grad semester)
$4,944 $524 (1 credit)
Fall Year 3
(Non-academic Post-grad semester)
$4,944 $524 (1 credit)
Total $35,900 $13,100

Admission Timeline

Applications must be submitted electronically or mailed by January 28, 2021. After all applications are completed, applicants will be notified if they’ve been selected for student interviews in March 2021.

Applications Due February 26, 2021
Student Interviews
(Panel and Campus Visit)
March, 2021
Student Selection April, 2021