ACE-IT in College

Inclusive College Experience for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Alonzo standing in front of the VCU Student Commons Grace and Bryan standing in front of a VCU 'Go Green' stop' Ameya working in the VCU Rec Sports rental shop Jeff working in a radio studio


ACE-IT in College students have the opportunity to pick from a variety of existing classes at VCU with the support of an academic advisor. Students can choose courses based on interest, strengths, or a desire to learn more about the topic. ACE-IT offers supports to assist students as they journey through college and into employment.

ACE-IT students take two to three VCU classes per semester for audit. When taking a class for audit, students complete all coursework, receive instructor feedback, and earn grades on assignments. However, students receive an AU on their transcript instead of a course grade, and do not receive traditional college credit for audited courses. Once all of the ACE-IT in College coursework (21+ credits) is completed, students receive a certificate through the School of Education.

ACE-IT in College students work with education coaches who provide academic support in and out of class. This can include attending class together, notetaking, clarifying content, and support with organization. Students request accommodations through the VCU Disability Support Services office and can access services like tutoring and supplemental instruction through the Campus Learning Center